Simplify your LoadMasters with centralized control & proactive monitoring with KEMP 360

Manage, control and monitor your application delivery controllers through a single pane of glass.

An optimized framework for your Kemp

The KEMP 360 application delivery framework provides pro-active, centralised management of key applications and operations of application delivery controllers (ADCs) from a single point of control.

Whether you are housing multiple load balancers on one site or from multiple sites geographically with KEMP GEO, KEMP 360 allows you to configure and monitor all your LoadMaster appliances from one powerful interface.

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Effortlessly maintain constant visibility on your applications.

With Kemp 360 you can ensure you have the visibility and tools to easily monitor and manage your application delivery stack with centralised visibility across all hosting platforms including:

  • Data center
  • Private cloud
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Public Cloud

The KEMP 360 framework includes KEMP 360 Central, a central management system for application delivery infrastructures and Kemp 360 Vision which delivers proactive monitoring and diagnosis to mitigate any potential problems.

Kemp 360 Central provides centralised management and control of your application delivery assets and offers reduced operational overheads and improved uptime of your applications.

From one interface, KEMP 360 Central will provide application owners and network managers with a comprehensive, unified view of the status and performance of the application delivery infrastructure enabling rapid detection of issues, simplified reporting and reduced management effort.

Centralised Application Delivery ManagementReduced admin effort with group management of ADCs from a single interface.
Manage across Hybrid environmentsSeamless control of hybrid environments including; on premise, cloud and hosting.
Real-time performance and capacity metricsQuickly identify and resolve capacity and performance issues.
Real-time analysis of SDN traffic flowsSimplify the identification of network issues that impact application delivery
ADC configuration managementConsistent application of policies and configurations with reduced implementation errors
Application delivery dashboardImprove error detection and resolution with real-time visibility on application performance and status.
Quickly deploy ADC instancesPromotes agile deployment and enablement of DevOPS processes
Manage 3rd party Load BalancersSimplify application delivery operations with monitoring of HAProxy and Nginx environments

KEMP 360 Vision is a proactive application delivery infrastructure monitoring service delivered by Kemp Customer support 24/7/365.

The service constantly monitors application availability, reachability and performance and ensures a rapid response in the event of any issues that occur with your ADC.

The support team are notified immediately in the event of any occurring issues, limits or anomalies in regards to your application delivery controllers and you will be notified of the issues along with a fast response from the KEMP Customer Support Team.

The service also provides an easily digestible snapshot of issues, events and workload availability along with consolidated reporting across all application workloads.

Application availability measurement & reportingAvoid the complex, tedious manual and error-prone SLA measurements with integrated availability and performance reports.
Proactive issue escalationReports will provide a more effective response from the KEMP Customer Support team for quicker identification, diagnosis and resolution of issues
Immediate notification of issuesIdentify issues early before any impact on application subscribers
24/7 monitoring by KEMP SupportReduce application support costs as KEMP support team deliver round the clock application monitoring
Predefined thresholds and eventsEnsures coverage of the widest possible range of application, network and ADC metrics