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Systech IT Solutions are KEMP Technologies uk specialists In Load balancing services and solutions.

From deployment to support, we can help you with all your kemp needs. Looking for a free trial or demo of a virtual load balancer. Contact Systech today to find out how we can help you.

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Kemp Technologies Services

Systech are specialists in deploying load balancing solutions. Furthermore, systech offer the most competitive prices. Our services include:

  • Products. Access to KEMP’s ADC products at a reduced cost.
  • Installation. We offer installation, application deployment’s and configutations.
  • Training. We provide two end user training courses. (1) Fundamentals and (2) advanced technical training.
  • Demo. We can provide customers with full virtual loadmaster technical demos. 
  • Support. Our KEMP team are on hand for any load Balancing support issue. We offer a KEMP monitoring service. This enables us to identify issues. including issues with active connections or backend servers.
  • Audit & Health Checks. Systech IT Solutions provide Kemp health check services and workload auditing. This helps optimise your applications performance.
  • KEMP 360 Central. We provide both KEMP Central and Mela services.

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Kemp’s Loadmaster product range improve application up-time. The loadmaster range include a number of advanced features. Including a wide range of load balancing algorithms. Other features include traffic performance improvements and content switching.

KEMP supports a wide range of applications, Web servers and backend servers. The loadmaster is available on a many different platforms. This includes bare-metal, cloud, Hyper-V, VMware and KVM.

  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing & ADC

  • SSL Offload and SSL Acceleration

  • IPS Security

  • Application Acceleration: HTTP Caching & Compression

  • WAF – Web Application Firewall

  • Edge Security Authentication & SSO

  • Reverse Proxy

  • SDN & NFV

  • Easy to Configure, Deploy and Manage

  • Cloud Ready and Supports many different Platforms

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