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As a KEMP Centre Partner (KEMP Technologies), Systech IT Solutions Are Recognised As Experts And A Leading Provider In KEMP Loadmaster / Load balancing Technologies Services And Solutions.

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Systech are trained and adept at delivering and leveraging KEMP Loadmaster Load Balancers to provide high availability with access to the most competitive prices. Our services include:

  • Products – Access to KEMP’s ADC products at a reduced cost.

  • Installation – We offer a fast and efficient installation service, equipped with expert guidance.

  • Training – We deliver qualifications in the use of KEMP equipment tailored to resellers and technicians alike.

  • Support – Our team of KEMP professionals will work closely with your business to integrate the best solution for your Load Balancing requirements.

  • Audit & Health Checks – Systech IT Solutions offer Kemp Load Balancer health check and workload auditing to help optimise your KEMP’s performance.

KEMP’s LoadMaster Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) provides high availability and traffic acceleration supported for a wide array of web and productivity applications. With so much flexibility in its deployments on different platforms, KEMP LoadMaster Load Balancers is built to scale and is renowned for its in-built security.For High Availability, Traffic Optimisation and Scalability of mission critical applications KEMP is the #1 Price/Performance Load Balancer.

  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing & ADC
  • SSL Offload and SSL Acceleration
  • IPS Security
  • Application Acceleration: HTTP Caching & Compression
  • WAF – Web Application Firewall
  • Edge Security Authentication & SSO
  • Reverse Proxy
  • SDN & NFV
  • Easy to Configure, Deploy and Manage
  • Cloud Ready and Supports More Platforms
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As a KEMP Centre partner, Systech IT Solutions can provide you with best in class KEMP Loadmasters and server load balancing hardware that guarantees improved web performance, secure operations and 24/7 availability. We offer all KEMP products on a wide range of platforms that supports your current and future IT Infrastructure.

Load balancer, Loadmaster, Microsoft load balancing, VDI, KEMP technologies

Hardware Load Balancers

KEMP’s rack-and-go hardware load balancers provide performance ranging up to 30 Gbps throughput and ASIC-based SSL acceleration.

Microsoft Load balancing, VMware, Hyper-V

Virtual Load Balancers

Powerful virtual load balancers for VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, Xen and VirtualBox.

KEMP Loadmaster

Cloud Load Balancers

Optimised load balancers for Hybrid Cloud and Public Cloud deployments. Available for Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Air, and Amazon AWS.

Microsoft, Hyper-V, VMware, VDI

Load Balancers for Bare Metal

KEMP enables you to convert your Dell, HP, Fujitsu, Oracle or Cisco servers into a high performance, application delivery controllers with KEMP’s bare metal load balancer software, to support the most demanding of throughput and processing requirements.

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More than just an Load Balancer !

KEMP Geo, Geo load balancing, GEO Loadmaster, KEMP Technologies

KEMP GEO assures logical failover and failback to the best performing or geographically closest datacenter to ensure your traffic still gets optimal use of web based applications in any way you control.

KEMP Web application firewall, WAF, KEMP WAF, Load balancing

KEMP’s Application Firewall Pack (AFP) combines Layer 7 Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection with other application delivery services including intelligent load balancing, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention as well as edge security and authentication.

KEMP ESP, TMG, Threat Management, Microsoft, Reverse proxy

The KEMP Edge Security Pack (ESP) pack delivers a comprehensive alternative for customers previously reliant on TMG to publish their applications such as satisfying security requirements for internet facing applications using reverse proxy technology.

KEMP 360, 360 Vision, KEMP monitoring

The KEMP 360 application delivery framework provides pro-active, centralised management of key applications and operations of application delivery controllers (ADCs) from a single point of control.

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