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Microsoft VDI

Why VDI & Remote Desktop Services

IT professionals invest in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure technology for more efficient management user devices and applications. Enabling the “Bring Your Own Device” trend, enhanced security and scalability, VDI comes with a wealth of benefits for both the users and IT teams improving productivity and collaboration.

There are a number of Vendors offering VDI solutions on the market. Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is differentiated from the others because of its simple management interface, end user experience, high performance, and cost savings compared to other key VDI players in the market.

One of the key challenges that IT organisations experience with VDI deployments is the related storage costs. Microsoft has introduced technologies with Windows Server 2012 R2 & windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services which address these challenges and can help reduce storage costs. Microsoft VDI can host session-based desktops, personal or pooled virtual desktops. This means you can deploy the right type of VDI desktop for your users, all from a single platform.

Microsoft VDI, Remote Desktop Services, VDI, RDS
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We are Microsoft Gold Partners

As Microsoft Gold Partners in Devices and Deployment, we are experts and specialists in Microsoft VDI. Our achievement demonstrates our expertise in designing, deploying and supporting desktop solutions based around the Windows Operating System (OS), Microsoft Office products and Microsoft VDI “Remote Desktop Services”. We are also professionals in Microsoft Azure migration and implementation.

For any queries on Microsoft VDI or RDS, contact the experts.

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Features and Capabilities

Microsoft have introduced technologies with Windows Server 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services that help IT organisations reduce storage cost in VDI deployment.

Microsoft VDI lets you deliver desktops and apps without having to dramatically change your current system. Applications and data is stored either in an on-premise data centre or the cloud (depending on preference) which ensures the security of your information and software.

Systech IT Solutions can now help you design, implement, support and use Microsoft VDI to host from a selection of desktop deployment choices, all from a single platform:

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Session-Based Desktops

Session Based Desktop Virtualisation allows users to share one virtualised server desktop environment in the form of an individual session instead of dealing with separate environments per user. This means it is easier to set up and deploy the infrastructure for one or more Remote Desktop Sessions simultaneously.

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Pooled Desktops

Pooled Desktop Virtualisation allows an administrator to deploy identical applications to specific user groups and automates virtual desktop provisioning. Windows Server 2012 R2 makes it easier to create pooled environments to manage virtual desktops using templates while preserving user personalisation with User Profile Disks and support of multiple storage options.

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Personal Desktops

Personal Desktop Virtualisation allows a user to be assigned to a personal virtual desktop that can be configured and retain any changes that are made personally by that user without losing the changes when they log off.

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RemoteApp delivers remote applications to users instead of full desktops, providing a straight forward publishing process that allow applications on remote sessions or VDI hosts to run side by side with local apps, making it easier for users to find and launch.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Windows apps, anywhere

Give access to Windows apps and data from any device and location.

Virtual Desktop

Flexible deployments

Choose from on-premises, cloud-based, or hosted deployments


Protect your sensitive corporate data from loss and leaks.

Remote Desktop Services

Extensible platform

Build customised VDI solutions to meet your needs.

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Choosing the Right Infrastructure

With such an extensive array of deployment choices to work with it can be a challenge to find which one would be the ideal solution for your IT infrastructure.

At Systech IT Solutions our certified VDI specialists and consultancy experts can design, implement and support you in deploying your Microsoft VDI solution, built to ensure the smooth runnings of your business.

Each of the deployment choice’s has its own merits and our Technical Presales team can advise you as to which method would be the right for your business.

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