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Ensure data integrity and protection with Synology

Reliable storage solution delivering ultra-fast performance.

When dealing with large-scale data storage, businesses require a solution that offers reliable backups that keeps data secure and prevents file corruption. Synology’s storage solutions have been designed to help you manage your digital assets as a reliable data storage platform that comes with a privatised collaboration suite with comprehensive features such as:

  • File Sharing
  • Cloud Syncing
  • Multimedia
  • Mail & Productivity
  • Data Backup
  • Management
  • All-in-One Server
  • Data Security
  • Storage Solutions
  • iSCSI & Virtualisation
  • DSM Virtualisation
  • Synology High Availability

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Transform your Business with Synology’s Premium Storage Solutions

Powerful Data Processing

When it comes to performance Synology strive to go above and beyond to enhance performance with every update. Having blazingly fast data transfer and read/write speeds Synology brings you the high performance that your data-intensive applications demand from your storage solution.

Simplified Data Management

Found in every Synology NAS is DiskStation Manager (DSM), an intuitive web-based operating system designed to simplify management of your data and digital assets. With DiskStation Manager you are doing more than just storing data, DSM improves productivity with new custom tools and applications to enhance the experience of its users.

Optimised Virtualisation Environments

Synology provides storage solutions for virtualised environments with high performance and reliability, allowing large and demanding enterprises to ensure business continuity and efficiency. Supporting VMware and Hyper-V, Synology combines a simple user interface with flexible features helping you answer the challenges of storage capacity of virtual data-centres.

Expandable Storage Capacity

As businesses grow so does the need for added data storage. Synology allows you to expand your storage capacity effortlessly with robust scalability without disrupting services. Utilising upscaling using either added drives or expansion units, Synology will rapidly expand your storage capacity with minimal time spent on maintenance.

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For Small & Medium Business

Designed for Small & Medium Businesses, Synology’s Plus Series provide a powerful network storage solution that deliver the perfect combination of scalability, versatility and secure, high-speed data transfer that gives you, and your users the performance they need in the workplace.

Your storage solution doesn’t have to be complicated. With easy installation and hassle-free maintenance, Synology can make a snug fit in any business environment large or small.

For Enterprise

For larger deployments, Synology’s NAS solutions offer reliable redundancy, offload encryption capabilities and flexible storage support for SSD cache, contributing to a substantial boost in business performance.

The Synology XS/XS+ Series promises premium network storage at an optimised, expandable scale, allowing seamless storage for virtual environments, and ensuring a high level of data integrity, while taking advantage of flexible, efficient data protection and recovery tools.