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Increase productivity and reduce cost with Unidesk’s Layering Solutions.

What is Unidesk?

Unidesk is a Virtual Windows desktop and session host management solution designed for on-premise private cloud and public clouds. Their layering innovation Technology provides all of the capabilities needed to simplify deployment and management of Windows virtual desktops and applications in one powerful, easy-to-use solution.

The primary goal of Unidesk is to create a simple, easy to manage, end user computing environment that enables anyone in IT to manage Windows desktops and applications using one interface and one seamlessly integrated technology, regardless of their underlying hypervisor or cloud infrastructure.

Unidesk makes IT more efficient by reducing packaging and delivery times for all applications to minutes and enabling helpdesk staff and junior IT administrators to take on everything from application packaging and updating to desktop provisioning and repair, freeing up senior IT staff for more strategic projects.

Seamless integration Into Existing Infrastructures

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One Complete Solution

Unidesk Application Layering

Application Layering

Unidesk layering delivers any app to any number of desktops or session hosts as a read-only virtual disk with one normal installation. Apps look as if they are locally installed and are able to exchange and make full use of information – even if they’re in separate layers.


OS Layering

Windows Image Management

Unidesk puts an end to image sprawl. We layer Windows as a read-only virtual disk, so you can manage your OS just like your apps. You’ll finally achieve the one golden image and patch-once efficiency that VDI has promised.

Personalisation Layering

Persistent Personalisation

Give your users desktops they’ll really love, without sacrificing manageability. Unidesk’s Personalisation layer captures all customisations in a writable virtual disk that’s unique to each desktop. Update the OS and App layers as often as needed; Personalisation remains intact.

VM Provisioning

Desktop Provisioning

Provision non-persistent and persistent desktops by mixing and matching OS and App layers in any combination or order. Building Desktops doesn’t get any easier.

Storage Optimization

Storage Optimisation

Reduce disk space needs for each desktop VM up to 80%. With Unidesk, the same read-only OS and Application layer virtual disks are mounted and shared by many VMs, providing greater space savings than other image sharing technologies.

Patch, Repair, Audit, Restore

Patch, Repair, Audit, Restore

Undo patching mistakes or resolve end user break/fix issues in minutes simply by rolling desktops back to earlier versions of any layer. Audit all changes and inventory application assignments for easy compliance and license management.

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How layering works

A layer is a collection of objects for an application or operating system (OS). Unidesk’s innovative layering enables IT to deliver applications that look, act and feel as if they are installed locally in the VM/Gold Image, but these application are actually stored in isolated virtual disks. IT can provision, patch, and update all desktops by simply updating a layer once.
There are three types of layers:

Single OS Gold Image

The OS layer is the first layer created in the unidesk environment. It is a central image which is used to deliver the Windows Operating System as a read only virtual disk that can be shared by any number of virtual desktops and Remote Desktop Session Hosts (RDSH).

Application Layer

Application layers simply contain your applications and are attached to to the OS layer. Unidesk lets you package any app as its own layer and add layers to desktops and session hosts in any combination to meet your users’ needs. Its quick, its easy and all apps behave as if they were locally installed.

Personalisation Layer

The personalisation layer retains all user settings, customisations, documents, plugins and applications etc. that are set to the user’s local profile. All the data that is set up by the end user is automatically written in a personalisation layer, a writable, virtual disk that is associated with each VM so you can make changes to your OS and applications without compromising user experience.

Unidesk and the Higher Education Sector

Managing virtual lab applications and faculty desktops has never been more simple and cost effective for colleges and universities. Unidesk offers a better way to deliver a wide variety of educational & Windows applications, making learning more mobile, flexible and enabling stronger collaboration for students, staff and IT alike.

There is no expertise required when installing apps, you can layer any app with a standard install in minutes. Effortlessly manage and maintain your applications. From deployment to reverting to previous versions of application or Windows layers when you want to undo patches quickly, Unidesk ensures your applications maintain a constant working state for your labs or classrooms.

As Microsoft are management partners with Unidesk, Schools, Colleges and Universities can take advantage of their Microsoft educational agreements to implement VDI that’s scalable, flexible, and easy to manage, stretching tight budgets farther in the process.

Integrate Unidesk with Microsoft VDI and Hypergrid for the Ultimate VDI Solution

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Simplifying and scaling with VDI

Systech IT Solutions has Unidesk as its application delivery and image management partner for Microsoft VDI and Azure. Unidesk layering technology extends the functionality of Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V platforms to overcome the management challenges that face IT departments using traditional Microsoft VDI deployments.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Devices & Deployment and a Unidesk Partner, Systech IT Solutions are able to deliver and support these solutions giving you better use of your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

Everyone benefits

More than 1000 Unidesk customers have increased productivity at reduced cost with Windows Application Technology using Unidesk.



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